I’ve been busy updating the website to work better with retina screens recently, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. There should be a few new pics from my time in Canada and Malta a few months ago. Last month i picked up an honorable mention in the International Photography Awards for my Balinese Legong dance image, which you can see here. Unfortunately i haven’t had the money to pay for many contest entry fees this year, so its nice to do well in the very few I’ve entered. In other news I’ve just made the move to Perth, Australia so expect many more images like the one below in the near future!



The other week I was asked to help out as a guest author on the STA travel blog. It was a chance for me to show some of my images from my assignment back in June. The trip went really well and I managed to stay another 2 weeks over there, visiting everywhere from Jakarta to Flores (about 11 islands)! Check the article out by clicking the image below.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work processing images and I’ve finally updated the site with a few new shots taken over the last year from my travels in Central America and Indonesia. Hope everyone likes them.



Bromo Horseman

Recently I placed runner up out of 9000 entries in adventure.com’s photojournalist contest. The theme was ‘the definition of adventure’ so I entered a shot from a horse & cart taxi ride in the ancient city of Bagan. 1st prize was a travel assignment to almost anywhere in the world, so I’ll be sure to enter next year as well! Click the pic below for a link to see the other finalists.


Bagan Taxi

A few months ago I won first place in STA’s annual photo competition! The winning pic was from a few years ago in Borneo’s Niah caves; I was doing some hiking through the caverns and stumbled across a huge beam of light shining down through the ceiling. Luckily I had a volunteer to model in the light for a few moments before the beam disappeared! The prize is a travel photography assignment with Sta and G adventures, so in a few weeks time I’ll be travelling to Indonesia for a month, making my way from Java to Lombok! Indonesia’s actually my favourite country and I’ve been looking forward to returning for the last 4 years! In other news I recently just finished a trip from Mexico to Colombia by land/sea, so expect the website to be updated with new images soon!



My ‘Baiyer Marching Group’ image has been fairly popular this year, and i’m now pleased to announce its won 2nd place at the International Photography Awards. You can view the rest of the winners here. For the full story on the pic you can check out my 1x account here, and click info on the bottom right.

IPA 20132ndPlace-Silver41_The_Chief

Picked up a silver and 5 bronze at this year’s Epson Pano Awards. The Silver was for my ‘Everest sunset’ image taken last year on my hike around Sagamartha National Park


Recently i placed in the top 20 at the travel photography awards. I entered a portfolio of Papua New Guinea’s Highlands featuring a few tribal portraits, including my favourite, ‘the Asaro Mud Men’. You can check out some of the other finalists here.

The Asaro Mud Men

A few weeks ago i placed in the top 10 for the travel category of the uk’s best shots contest. You can check out all the finalists here. The photo was taken at a military parade in Kathmandu during Dashain, Nepal’s largest festival. Since then the image has gone on to be exhibited at a gallery in Yorkshire. The gallery’s an old victorian railway station recently converted into a tourist attraction for the region. You can read more about the exhibition here


Dasain Parade

My double page spread from this month’s Nikon photo magazine. The image is from 2011 when i travelled to Papua New Guinea to see the Highland cultural shows




PPOTY 2012

Pleased to see a few of my images in the finalists booklet for Professional Photographer of the year 2012. I’m featured in the portfolio category with a few of my images from the Mt Hagen show in Papua New Guinea. Click here to take a look